I value teams that value creativity and flexibility, and I'm looking to join an environment that allows for personal and professional development.

Let's discuss your needs!
say hi! at celmaccosta@gmail.com

Visual Communication


I'm excited about finding expressive ways of communicating. Allow me to add some playfulness to your company profiles, wedding & party invitations, post cards, prints and apparell.

Graphic Recording

Let me capture your team's ideas, expressions and a-ha! moments as they happen. Graphic Recording is an exciting way of documenting life-changing events, be it your team's latest product, or the planning process of an exciting new venture.

Walls & Murals

My favourite type of place is somewhere where I feel at home, and I'd like to enhance this homely feeling in your café, office, or elsewhere. Lend me a space, and I'll make it instagram-worthy!

Important Conversations



I'm passionate and committed to creating safe spaces for dialogue. Allow me to support your team or group through tailor-made dynamic activities and reflective prompts.

Public Speaking

I'd like to share my experiences as a young professional, creative and global citizen, having travelled in more than 20 countries in all corners of the world. I'm especially drawn to events and panels that touch on the arts, youth empowerment, and gender politics.


From a young age, I accepted my natural inclination for service and caregiving. In high school, I volunteered with Interact and Rotary Clubs in South Africa and Brazil, and went on to volunteer as an adult in Taiwan and, more recently, Austria.

I'm seeking opportunities to volunteer in the following causes worldwide:
- animal welfare
- spirituality & wellness
- migrants safe-keeping