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“Feições Para Um Retrato“
Curated by Yolanda Couto.
Fundação Fernando Leite Couto.
Maputo, Mozambique
April 2019

3 pieces, 1,40x2,40m

Courtesy of Celso Zaqueu.

“Traços da minha vida digital“
Curated by Frederique Martin & Mauro Brito
Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano
Maputo, Mozambique
March 2019

Ink on white fabric (71x100cm)

With curators Mauro Brito and Frederique Martin (far right) Courtesy of APapila.

projects & commissions

Viva Con Agua Street Art
Collaboration with Swiss, German and Mozambican street artists
Maputo, Mozambique
March 2019

I painted on two murals: one at a primary school in Maxaquene neighbourhood; the other at Maputo’s well known arts and crafts market, FEIMA.

Spray and Oil Paint.

With street artists AEMKA and Taina. Courtesy of Viva Con Agua.
Logo Design
Algo Mais Para Nós Mulheres

Algo Mais is a community of women who gather regularly to address and discuss important topics and share experiences in an open, non-judgemental way.
It started as a small event, but quickl grew into a landmark of Maputo scene.

I was asked to design a logo that captured its essence and encouraged its expansion.


events & workshops

Maputo Figure Drawing
Maputo, Mozambique
2016 - Present

I organize a series of figure drawing sessions in Maputo, with 10-15 participants and one nude model.

Instagram / Facebook

Subjective Mapping Workshop Delivered to Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography Honours Students
Maputo, Mozambique 
March 2019

I designed and facilitated a 3-hour Subjective Mapping workshop to a group of 8 students, on their short residency in Maputo.

Through several dynamic activities and reflection exercises, we looked at maps as tools for emotional layering and spatial positoning, and how their art interacts and negotiaties with the city.

Zine-Making Workshop
Co-delivered with João Roxo & Tavares Cebola
With support from Prodata MZ, official Canon Representative in Mozambique
ANIMA Creative Studio
Maputo, Mozambique
March 2019

After getting involved with zines and its creative process, as well as collaborating with zinemakers from Europe, I decided to facilitate a 3-day workshop in Maputo.
I approached João and Tavares about the idea, and together we delivered the first workshop of our collective, MAKAZINE.

We worked with 10 participants from diverse artistic fields: literature, visual art, comics and illustration.

Forum Theatre Workshop
Bodies, Memories and Mothers
Delivered to:
- New York University Abu Dhabi Art and Performance Students
- Group of Women in Congo-Brazzaville
Abu Dhabi & Brazzaville.
October - December 2018.

As part of my play writing creative process, I decided to conduct focus group discussions and utilize Forum Theatre methodologies to help me gather real stories and lived experiences that make up "womanhood".

As such, I worked with two distinct groups of women, university students from mostly Middle East and Gulf States, and young professional women from African countries.

Maputo, Mozambique
April - June 2018
Partners: Orange Corners (Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands), 1481, LAMBDA Moz

TEDxSalon are events that enhance discussions and interaction between audiences.

I lead a team of 4 members, and together we delivered three events, engaging on average 200 attendants per session.

We covered a range of topics from AI in Africa, Sex & Sexuality and Identity Politics in Mozambique.
Fuckup Nights Maputo
Maputo, Mozambique
March 2017 - June 2017

I am one of 5 co-founders of the F.U.N. Maputo branch.
This is a regular event that celebrates growth, by inviting successful entrepreneurs to share their biggest failures.
I lead the social media and branding team, and together, we engaged on average 200 attendants per event.