With Mandela Washington Fellows from Malawi (far left) and Nigeria (far right), as well as Dr. Joe DeCrosta, Director of International Programs at Duquesne University. Pittsburgh, U.S. 2017

Speaker, Maputo Fast Forward. Maputo, Mozambique. 2016.

With fellow evaluators of the Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) youth programmes. Johannesburg, South Africa. 2015.

I am a community engagement professional with over 3 years of international experience and a multidisciplinary artist from Mozambique.
Currently a MEXT Scholar, pursuing graduate studies in Japan.

My academic background is in Political Sciences (BA, University of Pretoria, South Africa), as well as Civic Leadership (Cert., Duquesne University, U.S.) and Global Citizenship Education (Cert., UNESCO Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding; Seoul, South Korea).

I am chiefly interested in migration, identity politics and sexuality, and I enjoy a creative and innovative approach to creating safe spaces for constructive and progressive dialogue within communities.

My introduction to community engagement as a practice happened in 2013. As an active leader of the AIESEC branch in my campus, I was responsible for identifying, establishing and maintaning multi-stakeholder partnerships beteen local NGOs and international volunteers.

I became invested in this field as I saw a unique opportunity to address political apathy amongst the youth in my continent. In 2016, I joined the World Vision HQ of Mozambique, and within 3 months I supported multiple teams, providing up-to-date policy briefs and analyses on topics such as child marriage and women's rights. I also established and led its first youth volunteer group, compising of 10 members, with the objective of gthering 10,000 signatures for a petition to criminalize child marriage in Mozambique.

Later in the year, I accepted a full-time position at The American International School of Mozambique as a Service Learning Coordinator, later changed to Community Engagement to accommodate the vision and potential of the program.

In the 2 yeas I served, I managed over 30 community projects, 25 community partners (NGOs, Community Assoiations, Individuals), and delivered several capacity-building and training sessions to educators, and 300+ k-12 students on topics such as Development, SDGs and Global Citizenship.

I am an enthusiastic learner, so throghout my academic and professional trajectory, I've taken opportunities to further my knowledge and improve my practice. In 2017, I was selected for the prestigious Mandela Washington Fellowship, through which I spent 2 months in the U.S. (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington D.C.) learning about Civic Leadership. In 2018, I attended related conferences in South Africa, Kenya, South Korea, Congo-Bazaville and U.A.E.

My artistic intervention happens at the intersection between social change and innovative, non-intrusive dialogue practices. In 2018, I took a short sabbatical and traveled in Europe (Germany, France, Austria) and Asia (Hong Kong, Cambodia, Macau) exploring different tools and methodologies.

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